NANO Rx promotes persistent perfection that will inspire health and prosperity through research-backed innovation.

Wholesale Opportunities

Storefront inventory (business to business)

nutrition storeWhen representing a relationship with one of the most advanced and accredited manufacturers in the fitness space, this lends your business significant credibility. Through NANO Rx strategic partnerships, your company can gain access to the massive amount of exposure and buzz that is being generated by the NANO Rx brand.

The NANO Rx brand marketing strategy has been developed by one of the top online marketing firms in the world. A physical presence can help new demographics enter your storefront and rejuvenate legacy customers’ interest.

Independent web distributors

By associating your company with a standard-setting company that is producing a product in the fastest-growing consumable market, you can generate significant amounts of traffic to your website. Not only will this increase your revenue, it will benefit your other strategic advertising partners, as well. NANO Rx recognizes the power of synergistic success.

Amazon wholesale inventory discounts

Amazon logoNANO Rx is a company that creates physical, mental and financial benefits for anyone who is ready to join the future of nano advancement. This company is being built with lean executive overhead and fundamental values and methods which allow a premium product to be distributed to consumers for fair and affordable prices. The efficiency of the NANO Rx  process allows other motivated entrepreneurs to buy our products at generous wholesale discounted rates and generate significant income through e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Wholesale event inventory orders

Are you hosting an event and are looking for products to sell to attendees? Are you managing a booth at a trade show and are looking for a top-quality, top-selling product? NANO Rx is in the business of helping others create high volume sales at fair prices.