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All Things Cannabis

In order to stay up to date within the wide range of cannabis-related topics and subtopics, NANO Rx researches and stays current with industry-related news, events, research and other information. This creates a solid platform to prepare, educate, and partner with the best outlets and sources of information. News changes every day and the ability to stay in the know creates added value. We’ve listed our favorite resources below.

Traditional & Alternative Comprehensive Health & Wellbeing

Alternative medicine offers an integrated approach to healing and may include interventions such as herbal remedies, reflexology, chiropractic care, nutritional supplements, massage therapy and acupuncture. With more medical professionals beginning to suggest the use of alternative therapies in combination with conventional medical treatments, many more studies are underway to examine both the usefulness and safety of these nonstandard treatments.

NANO Rx believes in the use of alternative and traditional medicine. Provided below are the websites that NANO Rx references to gain insight and knowledge related to overall health and wellness.

Fitness, Athlete & Exercise
Nutrition & Weight Loss
Alternative Health

Science and Technology

The cannabis industry has helped advance technology in a variety of ways. It was only a matter of time before innovation and disruptive technology infiltrated this space, and we predict that our industry will continue to excel at an even greater rate moving forward. For example, blockchain and open source platforms have increased the industry’s ability to access and share information. . The advancement of science and technology within the cannabis industry includes solvent-free extraction, lighting systems, and manufacturing capabilities and equipment, alongside related fields such as specific payment platforms and digital currency.


Business is important to society because it fundamentally deals with the allocation of resources throughout the world. The supply of goods and services throughout our modern society is vast, and the rate of innovation has reached a never-before-seen pace. The world today functions on a highly macroeconomic scale, meaning that the economies of many of the world’s nations are intertwined, having shared interests and investments. Because of this, business plays an integral role in moving the world forward through the evolution of a complex global economy. NANO Rx is proud to support local business and is grateful to be an asset in providing a better standard of living and upholding an ethical and meaningful corporate culture.


Pharmaceutical companies have a strong presence throughout the world and a great deal of economic power and influence within other global industries.

Pharmaceutical companies are capable of conducting large-scale studies and have the resources to discover new drugs that may provide options and solutions for people in need of treatment.

NANO Rx understands the importance of various regulations that must be upheld by this industry. NANO Rx adopts various practices and techniques related to quality control, data integrity, research validation, and good manufacturing practices.