Through research-backed innovation©


Through research-backed innovation©


Through research-backed innovation©

Research & Development



The Best NANO Products, Driven By Science

Each process is responsible for allowing only top quality.

NANO Rx generates consistent product precision through quality manufacturing held to the highest standards.
NANO Rx promotes the continual evolution of science and research through advanced methods and techniques. Our commitment is to uncover the many mysteries of unique botanicals that hold advanced health potential.

By offering unique solutions to complex problems for people and businesses, the legitimacy of plant-based pharmaceuticals and infusible ingredients will become accessible throughout society at a commercial scale.

Cutting-Edge Laboratory

NANO Rx promotes the continual evolution of science and research. We systematically designed a multi-functional laboratory equipped with the dedicated scientists and advanced methods necessary for optimal operations.

Our analytical component is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the most accurate testing of samples and products to ensure they are free of contaminants. The research and processing components of the lab are equipped with strategy flow technology for proprietary operating procedures.

In-House Research and Development

Our multi-functional laboratory includes physical chemistry, organic analytical chemistry, and pharmacokinetics divisions. Our lab enables us to perform in-house research and development for the creation of future pharmaceutical grade products and formulations to better serve individuals looking to enhance their mental, physical and emotional health through the use of pure, consistent products.

Strategic Flow Technology

NANO Rx implements strategic management through strategic flow technology. From start to finish, concepts are unveiled and scrutinized to enhance optimization procedures. Each step of each process holds tangible and intangible value that factors into gained success for an idea, person, or product. Utilization of space includes clarifying the purpose of each step within a procedure.

Innovative Analytical Research

NANO Rx helps advance our industry through detailed results. By establishing this type of platform, we are able to look at analytics from a different angle and help develop universal standards that use analytical chemistry and bioanalysis to identify methods used to separate, identify, and quantify matter.

Clinical Studies

“Efficacy” and “Effectiveness”

NANO Rx clinical trials are designed to use related data to improve an individual’s daily quality of life. NANO Rx uses data to assess how the emotional, social, and physical aspects of an individual’s well-being may be affected over time.