We will maintain persistent perfection.©

Extraction > Isolation > Purification


We will maintain persistent perfection.©

Extraction > Isolation > Purification


We will maintain persistent perfection.©

Extraction > Isolation > Purification

Precise Extraction

Quality Isolation

Pharmaceutical-Grade Purification

NANO Rx creates assurance through accountability and automation.

Accountable methods and automation of each step of the process create full-circle accountability.

From start to finish, NANO Rx holds the highest standard for purity and quality, and we strive to maintain persistent perfection in everything we do.

The NANO Rx Quality Lifecycle ©

  • Cultivation
  • Extraction
  • Isolation
  • Purification
  • Validation

Ingredient Manufacturing

  • 3 Phase Extraction
  • Identification of one cannabinoid
  • Isolation of a cannabinoid within the sample or obtained in pure culture
  • Purification of a cannabinoid within a solution or other material that has not been contaminated by another substance or exposed to contaminants

Analytical Validation

  • Potency Test
  • Pesticide Test
  • Microbiological Test
  • Terpene Profiling
  • Residual Solvents Test

Refined Extraction

Extraction is the process of obtaining compounds from the plant while preserving their valuable cannabinoid and terpene content. The result is a concentrate such as oils, waxes, and butters. If you stop here, these concentrates typically vary from batch to batch and lack uniformity and consistency.

NANO Rx uses state-of-the-art equipment to create an identical product every single time by further refining the extraction process.

Isolation and Purification for the Highest Purity Levels

row of vialsIsolation is the process of separating specifically desired cannabinoids from the concentrate and securing its highest purity. The final result of the process is a pure isolate.

We use an exclusive purification process to enhance the quality of selected cannabinoids (the most well-known being CBD) by removing all other undesired compounds and contaminants from the isolates.e Using a variety of extraction methods yields compounds in their purest form; this is where Cannabis and Chemistry Collide™.

NANO Rx researches each compound’s unique potential in its most pure state. This allows us to give consumers the ability to customize solutions for their own preferences and needs.

Isolating and purifying cannabinoids and terpenes is the driving force behind precision dosing and formulating proprietary blends for specific effects.

International Good Manufacturing Practices

scientist using microscopeEarly on, NANO Rx implemented a quality management system that includes following international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) so we can produce the highest quality products. Our system is designed to minimize risks involved in production by monitoring, controlling, and maintaining all processes. From start to finish, we scrutinize all manufacturing steps to enhance optimization procedures and ensure the safety of all our formulations.

Mixing Process