Jason Lopez

Jason is an inspirational speaker and motivator with a wide array of experience that has prepared him for taking on the role of CEO at NANO Rx.

He believes in a commitment to unwavering consistent work will inevitably lead to success, After serving time in the United States Special Forces including two tours, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, After his tours of the Middle East, he came home to the United States and began his work in the pharmaceutic industry with a focus on the NANO market place.

Lopez has helped multiple states with regulations and has been educating the science and background of our (ECS) to physicians and state officials across the nation and the affects this has on the human body.

He is a true visionary with a tactical mindset that solves unique problems every day at NANO Rx. Jason and his team will undoubtedly create advanced opportunities for the complex supply chain and distribution outlets within cutting edge industries. Day by day he is building a legacy that will help countless people, and provide the highest quality products and services, worldwide. 

Picture of Jason Lopez