Smart Cultivation

Rooted in Humanity, Supported by Science ©

Smart Cultivation

Rooted in Humanity, Supported by Science ©

Smart Cultivation

Rooted in Humanity, Supported by Science ©

Genetic Botanical Profiling

Quality Built from the Source

Local Sourcing & Farming Initiatives

The NANO Rx Cultivation Division focuses on unique botanicals and established breeding techniques to maximize each beneficial plant compound. After careful cultivation, NANO is able to isolate the plant’s purest beneficial compounds for maximum potential. Following isolation, the compounds are combined with pharmaceutical grade ingredients to amplify our body to its full potential.

NANO Rx is committed to pesticide-free, non-GMO, locally grown, genetically superior Colorado hemp and is focused on helping farmers nationwide. Our compounds are backed by science to provide nano-enhanced, quality formulations to improve your life.

NANO Rx is vertically integrated with reputable farmers, botanists, and horticulture experts to provide you with the best cultivars of hemp and other botanicals for processing.

Basic Hemp Breakdown


  • Animal Feed
  • Textiles & Paper
  • Rope & Fiber


  • Alternative Options
  • CBD Oils & Products
  • Nutrition Based Theraputics

Breeding and Research Program Makes Superior Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil

farmer examining cropsThe mission of our Breeding and Research Program is to isolate and express desired characteristics across a variety of cultivars containing a spectrum of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil.
The Cultivation Team maintains an optimal environment for plants to flourish, which naturally increases consistency, purity, and the quality of the plant compounds used in our formulations. Continually working together, these systems will remain at the forefront of NANO Rx’s cultivating operations.

Providing Economic Support to Rural Communities

farmer holding out cropsWith a manufacturing base in Denver, CO, NANO Rx understands the importance of enhancing farming initiatives for the betterment of rural communities and their economic growth. By working with local and rural communities, we hope to supply jobs and economic support for our partners to thrive.

Plant Life Cycle

  • Germination
  • Seedling
  • Vegetative
  • Flowering
  • Harvesting
  • Processing