NANO Rx creates wellness through our unique NANO Products.


Supporting Local

All NANO Rx products are made in the USA with the help of local partnerships that fuel economic development within rural communities.

Supporting Veterans

NANO Rx is passionate about helping veterans and other people find natural options to improve their wellbeing.


A Universal Standard of Quality

Nano-Enhanced Products 

|Superior Absorption | Backed by Science | 3rd Party Lab Tested for Purity & Potency |


Global Partnerships

Our Global Partnerships have created a platform for NANO Rx to work with professionals around the world to produce the highest-quality, scientifically proven performance organic nano-enhanced products.

A different, fully transparent approach to quality

Our NANO products are batch tested and lab verified to be exactly what they say they are.

All of our NANO products can be custom designed to help you achieve your personal goals. 

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NANO Rx creates assurance through accountability, transparency, and automation. Accountable methods and the automation of each step in the process create full-circle accountability.©

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NANO Rx generates consistent precision. Each process allows only top quality results.

Our Vision – Nano-Enhanced products

NANO Rx focuses on creating unique and beneficial products to enhance your life.

NANO Rx remains at the forefront of integrated  pharmaceuticals by discovering and isolating ingredients that fit a spectrum of needs. NANO Rx creates handcrafted blends for all ages that help supply the body with what it needs to transform the way you feel and live.

Our specialized botanical blends are formulated for athletes, men, women, and the elderly so anyone has the chance to boost their body with one simple solution. NANO Rx’s blends provides your body with the most important ingredients it needs to thrive every day. It is gentle on your system while providing noticeable effects so that you can begin a new journey towards integrated and systemic health from the inside out.

Find inspiration with NANO Rx vertically integrated perfection, from farm to bottle
Discover health and prosperity backed by research and innovation.


Jason Lopez

Jason Lopez

Appointed Chief Executive Officer

Jason is an inspirational speaker and motivator with a wide array of experience that has prepared him for taking on the role of CEO at NANO Rx.

He believes that a commitment to unwavering, consistent work will inevitably lead to success, and that you must “create your own luck” to reach the top.

With several years of experience in global military operations, aerospace manufacturing, and pharmaceutical drug development, he is a true visionary with a tactical mindset that solves unique problems every day at NANO Rx. Jason and his team work to create advanced opportunities for complex supply chain and distribution outlets within cutting-edge industries. Day by day, he is building the NANO legacy in order to help countless people and provide the highest quality products and services worldwide.
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