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Introducing a World of Elite NANO Products. You Either Run the Day or the Day Runs You. At NANO Rx, we believe that the body should be enhanced to its optimal level.


NANO Rx creates assurance through accountability, transparency, and automation. Accountable methods and the automation of each step in the process create full-circle accountability.©

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NANO Rx generates consistent precision. Each process allows only top quality results.

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Your feedback and opinion are valued! We read and respond to every customer in a timely manner, and hope you find the NANO EXPERIENCE to be all that you wish. Thank you from the NANO Rx Team!

Become a NANO Athlete

To be considered for the NANO Rx Sponsorship or Ambassador program, please submit the following along with a cover letter to

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Photos and/or videos links
  • Personal website
  • Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Blog,
    Instagram, etc.)
  • Sport affiliations (e.g., official earned titles, athlete qualifications, certifications)
  • What sports you compete in (e.g., bodybuilding,
    MMA, figure skating)


What is the NANO Rx Sponsorship Program?

Athletes and wellness professionals often have an innate ability to stay focused and disciplined. We help athletes and fitness professionals grow personally and athletically through the NANO Rx Sponsorship Program, which sponsors athletes and wellness professionals from different backgrounds that are driven to reach success.

What Kind of Athletes Are We Looking For?
  • Bodybuilding athletes
  • Sports athletes (e.g. baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, rugby, tennis, etc.)
  • MMA athletes
  • Fitness and wellness professionals (e.g. yoga/pilates/Zumba/cycling instructors, personal trainers, holistic wellness coaches, etc.)
  • Professional marathon runners and triathletes
  • Gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance professionals
What Does it Take to be a NANO Athlete?

NANO Rx looks at a challenge as an opportunity to become better. We will push you and support you! As an athlete or fitness professional, you are naturally inclined to improve yourself and we want to be a part of your journey.

Determination & Commitment: We want to see how bad you want it. People often give up before they achieve their goals. With determination and commitment, the unthinkable can become a possibility.

Continual Improvement: We provide the platform and we expect you to seize the opportunity. NANO Rx wants to see athletes making strides and progressing during their sponsorship with us. Key metrics are in place to help our team identify both areas that you excel in and where there is room for improvement.

What are the benefits?

There are four levels of the NANO Rx Sponsorship Program, with each level providing specific incentives and benefits. We want to help enhance your personal goals while pursuing new opportunities as a part of our organization. We are dedicated to all of our athletes and work hard to provide advanced training and interaction that fuels momentum.

A few of the incentives offered as part of our Sponsorship Program include:

  • In- Depth Training & Education
  • Monthly Supply of NANO Rx Product
  • High Profile Networking
  • Social Media Enhancement
  • Featured Press (Articles, Magazines, Photo & Video)
  • Paid Entry Fees for Athletic Competitions
  • NANO Rx Apparel
  • Paid Registration for Selected Athletic & Wellness Events
  • Profit Sharing and Sales Commission
How do I become a NANO Athlete?

First, check the list of eligibility requirements. If you are eligible, send your resume and a cover letter to A NANO Rx Representative will contact you.